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if you are looking for a great solution for a location that requires a high level of security, then palisade fencing is for you. It is designed to provide security and protection for outdoor locations due to its robust construction and intimidating appearance. As a result, it is an effective intrusion and theft deterrent. Palisade fencing can be erected on hard ground such as concrete by using Bolt Down Posts, or even on softer ground like grass, where Dig-In Posts are set. Additionally, it can be adapted to suit the needs of your property. We can supply a range of heights, colours, and add on gates.

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Made To Last

Palisade fencing is designed for permanent installations. It can be installed on both level and sloping ground. This is because it can be assembled to run parallel to the ground without the need for stepping. This type of fencing is adapted to meet site access requirements. Therefore, we offer a range of pedestrian and vehicle gates in a range of heights. Additionally, all our palisade fences are made from cold-rolled steel and are galvanised with protective zinc coating, helping to prevent rust over time.

Where Can They Be Used?

Due to its dependability and high level of security, you will often see it in a variety of private, public, and commercial places, including:

The Best For Security

Palisade fencing uses a ‘w’ like shape, meaning the middle section is thinner and the edges are thicker and curve inwards. This ultimately provides the fencing with greater strength and stability, as well as making them difficult to grip or climb. Palisade fencing is supplied with triple pointed steel pails, single-pointed and notched pales for added security. Additionally, it also features two rails, one at the top and one at the bottom. The top palisade rail has small barbs to help deter intruders from climbing over. One of the unique designs for palisade fencing is the anti-tamper fixings. This means that the bolts fit tightly enough that they cannot be tampered with or removed once the fencing has been installed. 

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